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Greely Construction - The "Greely Advantage"


Greely Construction Inc. has one simple philosophy:  It will be done right regardless of what it takes. This belief has evolved from the principles we share; quality, innovation and safety. Based on this commitment it is our mission to become the preferred supplier of utility network construction in the marketplace.


Greely Construction prides itself on giving our clients superior service by getting the job done right the first time, on budget, and on time. This is accomplished with our group of well-trained and skilled staff. Our supervisors are on-site to monitor every phase of the operation and are ready with informed responses and solutions. 


We have the personnel, tools, methods and experience to complete any project whether in environmentally sensitive areas, remote locations, or congested urban settings. Safety on our construction projects is never compromised. We provide a safe work environment for our staff and customers through work practices that have been developed to ensure the risk to people and property is minimized. Its people, who are honest, hard-working, creative, and professional, characterize Greely.


Today, Greely Construction operates as a Utilities Infrastructure Construction company and focuses on telecom, CATV, hydro, water, sewer, and gas installations. In the past year Greely has expanded its portfolio to include wind turbine design / build projects and environmental soil remediation projects. 


Greely Construction is proud of its accomplishments, but must also recognize the contribution by its many talented and hard working employees to the success of the company.



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