Greely's expertise in the field of Horizontal Directional Drilling lends itself to a variety of applications including contaminated soil testing and remediation. Horizontal remediation wells to access contaminant plumes and initiate soil remediation is an effective method becoming more popular with environmental consultants and other stakeholders.  


Greely HDD systems can install horizontal wells for extraction and/or bioremediation.  This can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively beneath buildings, ponds, paved areas, landscaped areas and landfills without disturbance to the surface or the disruption of normal activities.  


Greely can also use HDD equipment to obtain soil samples to help determine the extent and characteristics of contaminant plumes.  A proprietary technology is currently being developed to create a specialized soil sampler that can obtain multiple non-disturbed samples helping to map contaminated soils in a rapid and more accurate manner.

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