Customer:  International Minerals and Chemicals

Job Location:  Port Maitland, Ontario

Job Details:  Throughout this job, we drilled through large lagoons for a water retention system by installing approximately 9000 meters of slotted pipe by directional drilling. We placed 4" HDPE pipe with 2" slotted/screened pipe inside after pipe was pulled in place removal of the 4" took place leaving a 2" slotted pipe. This system is still in operation today.

Customer:  Rothsay Plant

Job Location:  Flamborough, Ontario

Job Details:  Installation of piping along ponds for the retention of fluids from the ponds. This needed to be placed along the edge of the ponds at various depths ranging

from 1.6 to 6.9 meters cover. 

Customer:  North American Construction Limited

Job Location:  Duffin Creek waste water plant in Scarborough.

Job Details:  This job included re-lining sewage treatment pipe by means of directional drilling by installing HDPE pipe from digesters to the main treatment plan. We installed four separate shots of approximately 250 meters each.

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