Since 1998 Greely Construction Inc. has had the General Maintenance Contract with Hydro Ottawa.  In 2001 Hydro Ottawa merged with Kanata Hydro and Gloucester Hydro.  Since the merger we have been successfully maintaining the contract across the National Capital Region.  Over the years we have also completed jobs for Hamilton Hydro which merged with St. Catharines Hydro to form Horizon Utilities. 


What Greely Can Offer


  • Trenching
  • Building duct structures, various sizes and configurations (concrete encased ducts)
  • Direct buried ducts
  • Rebuilding existing manholes
  • Installing new precast manholes
  • Reinstatement of hard and soft surfaces
  • Cable installation
  • Pole holes of various sizes and rock
  • Installing transformer bases
  • Asbestos removal on cables
  • Cable replacement

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