Greely Construction Inc. was started with a Bell Canada repair contract which evolved into the Bell Canada/Expertech General Contract in the Ottawa East region allowing us to become involved in the telecommunications market for a number of years.  We have had the opportunity to be involved in the design as well as the construction portions of various projects. 


What Greely Can Offer

  • New and rebuilt Bell manhole construction
  • Installation of conduit structures, direct buried, and concrete encased
  • Installation of copper and fibre cable systems including splice pits, cable pulling, splicing, and roping and roding
  • Installation of DMS pads and cabinets
  • Rehabilitation and replacement of existing copper plant
  • Pulling of cable through existing conduits both on municipal and private property. 
  • Pole installation in urban and non-urban areas
  • Installation of communication towers and antenna array
  • Indoor telecommunication installations such as wiring placement and termination inside buildings along with the necessary splicing




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