Wind Energy

Greely Construction has been active in supporting the emergence of a sustainable market for renewable energy systems within the Province of Ontario. Specifically, Greely has focused on providing customers with a unique, cost-effective turn-key service for the design and implementation of mid-size wind turbine systems. These turbines are rated in the 80 kW ranging to 1.5 MW range. The turbines are mounted on steel mono-pole towers ranging in height from 40 to 80 meters. Greely does not develop large scale wind farms rather concentrates its efforts on providing a turn key implementation service for singular or small multiples of turbines.

What Greely Has to Offer

  • Permits and applications
  • Tower foundation design by our staff of professional engineers
  • Construction of tower foundation and materials quality control
  • Tower erection; assembly of the turbine and rotors
  • CAD plans and drawings fro construction and municipal approval
  • Electrical interconnection design and construction
  • Final commissioning of entire turbine system
  • Routine and emergency maintenance programs


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